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Planned Giving

Harriet Smith '77

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Since her undergraduate days as a math major, Harriet Smith '77 has participated in the life of the College far beyond the classroom. A devoted member of the Trinity community, she has served in the Admissions Office, volunteered as a class agent, and led by example as an alumni trustee and Long Walk Societies Committee member. Through her involvement, Harriet has consistently sought to have a positive impact on the lives of Trinity students.

Now Harriet has gone one step further for the College by naming Trinity as a beneficiary of her retirement funds. Her generosity will help ensure that future Trinity students are afforded the best possible experience, as they immerse themselves in Trinity's academic and cultural resources and prepare for life after college.

As a tax preparer, Harriet knows that leaving retirement assets to Trinity is not only helpful, but also tax-efficient. When family members inherit retirement assets, often they are taxed extensively, sometimes resulting in less than half of the funds reaching the beneficiary. Alternatively, because Trinity is tax-exempt, the full amount is realized when left to the College.

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