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Planned Giving

Donor Stories

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Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:


Jan Gimar ’73

Jan Gimar ’73 recalls the Open Semester program as one of the opportunities that led him to apply to Trinity.

Bob Ebinger ’67

Raised in Columbus, Ohio, Bob Ebinger always wanted to head east for college. Once on campus, he didn’t waste any time getting involved in all aspects of Trinity life.

Brooks Barhydt '08 and Dutch Barhydt '81

Brooks Barhydt '08 and his dad, Dutch Barhydt '81, M'04, P'08, say there's no doubt that family tradition influenced each of them in their decisions to attend Trinity.

Penny Sanchez '77

Penny Sanchez '77 cares deeply about Trinity and about communities. As a political science major, she served as a resident assistant, participated in Big Brothers Big Sisters, played on the women's varsity basketball team, and won the Samuel Fishzohn Award for her service to the community.

Robert Pedemonti '60, MA '71

As the former vice president and treasurer of Trinity College, Bob Pedemonti '60, MA'71 was especially interested in how a life-income gift could be beneficial to Trinity and to himself.

Peggy and Scott Reynolds '63

Scott Reynolds '63, was urged to attend Trinity by several alumni, including John Carpenter '40, a good friend of his mother's at Burlington High School (VT). Scott's dad, a Notre Dame graduate and "liberal arts convert," was impressed with Professor Battis, Dean Lacy, and Placement Director John Butler '33 and was pleased to send two more sons to Trinity.

Harriet Smith '77

Since her undergraduate days as a math major, Harriet Smith '77 has participated in the life of the College far beyond the classroom. A devoted member of the Trinity community, she has served in the Admissions Office, volunteered as a class agent, and led by example as an alumni trustee and Long Walk Societies Committee member. Through her involvement, Harriet has consistently sought to have a positive impact on the lives of Trinity students.

Peter Flagg Maxson '69

Seven generations of Peter Flagg Maxson's ancestors peer down from portraits in his Austin, Texas, home. Two of those faces were partially responsible for his decision to leave Texas for an undergraduate experience 'neath the elms in 1965: his great-great-grandfather Jared Flagg, Class of 1848, and grandfather Harry Maxson, Class of 1909.

Roger Hall '50

Roger Hall '50 has long been a supporter of Trinity College. As a student he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Medusa (senior honor society) and the student senate. In 1949 he served as captain of the varsity football team and received the prestigious 1935 Award, recognizing him as the player of greatest value to his team, which was undefeated that season.

Professor Albert Gastmann

Professor Emeritus Albert Gastmann retired in 1990 after 36 years of teaching political science at Trinity. His dedication to Trinity and its students will live on in perpetuity because he directed that the majority of his estate—a bequest that will exceed $2.5 million.

Jean and Tom Tonoli ’69

Jean and Tom Tonoli ’69

Fifty years after graduating from Trinity, Tom Tonoli ’69 and his wife Jean are enjoying retirement in Fort Collins, Colorado, a place they have called home for several decades. “The good standards and thoughtful perspectives of Trinity professors helped shape attitudes and abilities that served me well in my public education career,” Tom fondly recalls. “Habits of study and preparation, necessary at Trinity, were part of the value I received.

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